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While it is great to read one of the dungeon pages, you'll notice that the only time you you actually need the information is when you're about to run a dungeon, not beforehand. This shortened guide combines most dungeon pages together in a simple, concise manner. However, if you're still confused, you should spend some time reading the actual dungeon pages themselves.

Saliko Dungeons

The Abandoned Burrow

1-3 players, recommended level 3-5

Zandra the Venomous
Stats: Level 6 / Wind 1 / 335 HP
Weaknesses: Fire (+12.5%)

Focus on dealing damage to Zandra and ignore the guards. An AoE spell is recommended to finish the guards, if they deal too much damage to you.

Deep Mines

1-3 players, recommended level 8-10

May require quests related to Jianna and her pet fliffy Sophie, Will and Rose (the forest witch) completed first to unlock.

High Overseer Rotclaw
Stats: Level 13 / Dark 4 / 1,800 HP / Immune to taunt
Weaknesses: Light (+100%), Fire (+100%)

Summons a poison dust patch that deals poison damage over time on your character the longer you stay in it. Dodge the poison dust, and if possible stay ranged to avoid taking additional damage.

Stats: Level 15 / Water 2 / 3,200 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, and sleep
Weaknesses: Wind (+50%), Poison (+25%), Earth (+25%)

Has two attacks:

  • Icicle (drops a large icicle onto the ground, deals a lot of damage)
  • Frost Breath (deals constant damage to players in front of him).

Dodge the icicles by moving away from the shadow of where it'll drop, and go behind him to avoid the breath. Keep attacking until Zhakkan is defeated.

The Hollow Tree

3-5 players, recommended level 13-15

Recommended Skills: Cure Poison (priest)

Stats: Level 16 / Earth 2 / 6,300 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep
Weaknesses: Fire (+50%), Water (+25%)

Vilefang spawns four eggs, each egg hatches several spider minions if destroyed, or after a certain amount of time. Focus on doing damage to Vilefang and ignore the eggs. Use AoE spells on Vilefang, if possible to increase the damage dealt, and lure any monsters into the AoE.

Cladt Scytheclaw (Optional)
Stats: Level 10 / Neutral 2 / 5,800 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep
Weaknesses: Ghost (+50%), Light (+25%), Dark (+25%), Poison (+25%)

Same fight from Battle on the Treetops quest, except Cladt has more health. Defeat any bear minions with an AoE spell (if going for the trophy, ignore them and don't use AoEs at all during the fight). Tank should use Growl to lure the minions, healer heals the tank and focus on Cladt with your attacks. Stand far away from Cladt or use Smite to avoid/stop the roar.

Stats: Level 18+ / Poison 2 / 23,950 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep
Weaknesses: None

1. Don't stand in green poison puddles or area with purple bubbles. Tank should make Noxxara stand in the green puddles. Web + poison = death.

2. The healer can use Cure Poison to remove stacks of poison from a player, especially the tank. Don't abuse it, use it to remove poisons that hurt the most while keeping Revitalize on injured players.

3. At less than half her health, she'll summon small spiders. Use an AoE spell to get rid of them & players targeted by these small spiders can walk into your group member's AoE.

The Cursed Farm

3-5 players, recommended level 29-33 (34-36 for Darneus)

Darneus can be unlocked through a quest line that appears only during Halloween events.

Recommended Skills: Smite (warrior), Disrupt Magic (mage), Flash Freeze (mage), Cure Poison (priest), Nightfall (priest).

Shade of Aeris
Stats: Level 33+ / Wind 1 / 168,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm
Weaknesses: Fire (+12.5%), Earth (+25%)

There are two phases; phase 1 at 100% boss health in the closet, phase 2 at 50% boss health in the hallway.

Phase 1: Aeris spams lightning and lightning chain. Stack to take less damage from chain (when players are more spread out, it deals more damage). Use Fire Wall to pin Aeris to the right wall of the map. Healing Springs recommended.

Phase 2: Same skills as phase 1 + Overload and summons energy cloud. Defeat energy cloud before it reaches Aeris, and stay away from your group members when you have Overload on you. Do not use Fire Wall, only save it for the cloud and stack to take less damage (you can also use pets to stack)

Darneus (Optional)
Stats: Level 38 / Ghost 1 / 220,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm
Weaknesses: Fire (+12.5%), Water (+12.5%), Wind (+12.5%), Earth (+12.5%)

Lasher summons are both Earth, so use Fire. Forced level scale to 36, even if unscaled.

Darneus has three summoning phases, can randomly fling wooden stakes, and has frontal. Shadow Explosion (powers up adds similar to berserk) only happens after the 1st summoning phase. Center the boss, avoid tanking on right side of the map, and Smite/Disrupt Dark Mist (AOE terrify) & Spike Trap (or dodge it).

OPTIONAL: Lay down to avoid flying wooden stakes (reduces chance to hit you by 90%). One person can be on the opposite side of the stake away from your teammates = 50/50 chance to make wooden stake hit one side or the other.

1st summoning phase: You can use Fire Wall, get rid of all lashers quickly.

2nd & 3rd time: Do not use Fire Wall before Shadow Explosion. Tank growls all the summons into a spot where the Shadow Explosion (several medium circles across the map) won't hit. Afterwards, you can use Fire Wall.

Shade of Curly (Optional)
Stats: Level 34 / Dark 2 / 160,000 HP / Extrasensory, small aggro range (get very close to start boss fight)
Weaknesses: Light (+50%), Fire (+25%)

Before fight starts, clear two root monsters on the tables.

Tank Curly so that Curly is standing on top of the stove fire for extra damage, Priest stands on ground below table (use emerald shield on person kiting), and have one person ready to kite. Kiting means to constantly keep your distance away from a monster that is chasing you.

Person who kites: Run around the dinner table, never go on the table. Pace yourself (don't go too fast or too slow). Every 2nd lap, use an AoE near the portal on the left side of the room. Or, run slightly faster and wait for the next monster to spawn.

The rest of the group: Do damage to Curly. Smite/Disrupt any cast that might hit the kiter.

If your group is too slow to defeat Curly, monsters stop chasing kiter and Curly does Dark Ritual (absorb all the monsters that the kiter was trying to avoid to restore hp). Defeat the monsters quickly before Curly can finish, then monsters won't be summoned for a while.

Stats: Level 34 / Wind 1 / 225,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm
Weaknesses: Earth (+25%), Fire (+12.5%)

Same as Shade of Aeris battle but with more gimmicks. Spams Lightning, uses Overload again (go >) and throws Lightning Bolt once in a while (dodge it). No lightning chain or energy clouds, but you have to deal with spirits (always comes from < side). No tank required, but someone who can use water or pets.

Stack with your team during Earthquake + healer use Springs to lower the damage. Song of Harmony may be necessary if everyone is at low hp.

When Aeris uses Meditate, spirits are summoned + Aeris takes 2x damage from attacks. Best time to do damage with AOEs & 1 person should save their Fire Wall to deal with spirits.

  • Red (fiery): Use water attacks or make a pet attack them. Explodes, and takes out nearby earth spirits (get too close and the spirit can 1-hit KO you).
  • Purple (earth): Low HP but heals Aeris if it gets too close. Defeat the red first, but if red doesn't show up, use FW.
  • Rock: High HP, deals weak damage. Ignore them & tank should growl them.

Ashaya/Kingdom of Elyssia Dungeons

Frigus' Lair

3-5 players, recommended level 19-20

Stats: Level 23 / Water 2 / 22,500 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, and sleep. Extrasensory
Weaknesses: Wind (+50%), Poison (+25%), Earth (+25%)
  • Ice Sculpture = summon elementals, if elementals are alive for too long deals massive damage to group.
  • Demon Sculpture = allows Frigus to retreat into the Ice Realm at 40% and 10% health

= break both: easy mode, break one: better loot, break none: better loot + pet.

Defeat elemental asap when it shows up and avoid blue flames.

For geyser, platform is divided into four sections: 1, 2, 3, 4 (left to right). Follow this pattern to avoid geysers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, then repeat.

When Frigus goes into ice realm, go into portal. Ignore spirits and attack Frigus until he leaves the realm. You'll automatically leave when he leaves the realm.

The Forlorn Manor

3-5 players, recommended level 20-22

Requires the completion of Rina and Ronn's quests to unlock. One of the quests requires you to beat Frigus and get to Treasure Forest, an instanced map east of Frigus' Lair.

Recommended Skills: Smite (warrior), Disrupt Magic (mage)

Stats: Level 23 / Ghost 2 / 39,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, and sleep. Extrasensory
Weaknesses: Fire (+25%), Water (+25%), Wind (+25%), Earth (+25%)

Casper has four short phases: a beginning, a summoning phase, a middle, and an end.

Casper yells: Visitors? What a .. pleasant surprise ..

Beginning: Only spams Fire Bolt. Focus on attacking him.

Casper yells: You are not alone in this manor. Why don't you meet a few of our residents, who have made it .. their home?

Summons: Casper disappears. Randomly calls Vile Sprites, Shooeys and/or Shoos to the room that come from both sides. Quickly get rid of them with AoEs. Only time to use Potions of Redemption on Vile Sprites for trophy.

Middle: Tank should smite Armageddon (big A skill). Mages/other dps smite or disrupt Meteor Rain (big M skill). Also summons minions w/o Vile Sprites. Quickly defeat them & focus on damaging Casper.

Casper yells: This manor will be your tomb! followed by Casper prepares to summon a blazing meteor!

End: Tank should move Casper to left corner of the room. After Blazing Meteor hits, go to right corner of the room and focus on damaging him.

Battle for Ashaya

3-5 players, recommended level 24-25

Recommended Skills: Smite (warrior), Cure Poison (priest, remove sleep), Nightfall (priest), Flash Freeze (mage).

Baldarr the Cruel
Stats: Level 28 / Water 1 / 75,500 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep, and charm. Extrasensory.
Weaknesses: Wind (+25%), Poison (+12.5%), Earth (+12.5%)

Unless going for the trophy, defeat the bodyguards first, then go after Baldarr.

  • Tank should smite Blizzard. If smite fails, a Mage should disrupt the Blizzard.
  • Baldarr summons an elemental spirit during battle. Damage dealers should take care of it immediately, then go after Baldarr again.

Keep this up, and the fight should be over.

Stats: Level 28 / Dark 3 / 44,800 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep, and charm.
Weaknesses: Light (+75%), Fire (+75%)

Focus on attacking Frostbite. Over time you get Freezing Cold. When Freezing Cold reaches 3 or 4, stand in the fire to remove them, then quickly get out of the fire.

Tank smites Call of Grave (if not, big damage and stun to player who got hit by it).

When cloud shows up, get rid of it quickly before it reaches Frostbite or bad things will happen.

Lucy and Sian
Lucy Stats: Level 28 / Wind 1 / 91,000 HP (shared with Sian) / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep, and charm.
Weaknesses: Fire (+12.5%), Earth (+25%)
Sian Stats: Level 28 / Water 4 / 91,000 HP (shared with Lucy) / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep, and charm.
Weaknesses: Wind (+100%), Poison (+50%), Earth (+50%)

Break into two teams: one team gets Sian (go a bit <) while the other gets Lucy (go a bit >). The team on Sian deals full on DPS, while the team on Lucy deals with DPS and clouds. Defeat the cloud before it reaches Lucy, then take advantage of the charged area for yourself (your attacks and casts are now twice as fast, but Lucy can also take advantage herself if she gets near).

If you're on Sian, you want to get hit by Sian's water splashes as much as possible. If you're on Lucy, you want to get hit by Lucy's lightning as much as possible. Get hit with both = death sentence. Getting hit more = more debuff stacks = less damage taken from one boss's upcoming AOE storm attack, more damage taken from the other boss's upcoming AOE storm attack.

When the storm attack comes, Sian does the storm attack on Lucy's location, while Lucy does the storm attack on Sian's location. Sian team goes to Lucy and now focuses on Lucy. Lucy team goes to Sian and now focuses on Sian. Not enough stacks = stand far away from the storm's location. Keep doing the switcheroo each time the storm attack comes up until both bosses are defeated.

Stats: Level 28 / Fire 2 / 90,100 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep, and charm. Extrasensory.
Weaknesses: Water (+50%), Wind (+25%)

Tank stays in front (>), everyone stays behind (<). Beat up all three bodyguards, then tank on Sakkara. Get rid of any minions hogging up the field first.

Tank smites Ice Spikes, stay away from Blizzard (cannot be smited), and avoid standing on blue flames. When disoriented spirits come, use AoEs to take them all out before Sakkara can heal themselves. When a player is possessed by Sakkara, use Nightfall or Flash Freeze on them.

The Crystal Crypt

3 to 5 players, recommended level 36~39.

Requires the completion of Kay's quest line, from All's Fair In Greed and Fashion > East Elyssia Investigations > Icy Treasures > Crystalline Friendship > Spirit Medium > Under Attack! > The Crystal Crypt.

Recommended Skills: Burning Determination (warrior, if tank), Endurance (warrior, if tank), Smite (warrior), Cure Poison (priest, remove sleep), Nightfall (priest), Flash Freeze (mage).

Axrahn Bladeclaw
Stats: Level 39 / Neutral 2 / 171,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze and sleep. Resistant to charm.
Weaknesses: Ghost (+50%), Light (+25%), Dark (+25%), Poison (+25%)

Has 2 phases. Summons, then main battle.

Phase 1: Stay near the boss, and don't get in front unless you're a tank. DPS only picks off 1-2 exiles at a time. Beat up all minions within 2 minutes.

Phase 2: Boss goes after lizard, spills box of crystals. Each DPS picks up 1 crystal, tank gets leftovers, healer cannot pick up. If Lizard Anger is x8~12, one person drops their crystal near the lizard (decide who drops their crystal in what order beforehand).

Tank smites Dagger Toss. Stack together on Pounce. If you have the Unbalancing Strikes debuff, stay away from the group on Pounce.

Aaren Trueaim (mini-boss)
Stats: Level 38 / Neutral 1 / 51,500 HP / Resistant to stun, freeze, sleep, and charm.
Weaknesses: Ghost (+25%), Light (+12.5%), Dark (+12.5%), Poison (+12.5%)

No real strategy needed. Just avoid Arrow Fall.

Stewie Sizzlepaw
Stats: Level 39 / Neutral 1 / 147,000 HP / Resistant to stun, freeze, sleep, and charm.
Weaknesses: Ghost (+25%), Light (+12.5%), Dark (+12.5%), Poison (+12.5%)

No tank necessary. Every 80 seconds, Stewie uses his signature skill to poison all players for massive damage.

Boss drops purple (bad) and green (good) food that you click on to eat it. Bad food cuts the damage of Stewie's skill in half for 40 seconds, but also makes you Nauseous (take 50% more damage from Stewie's skill). Good food removes Nauseous and makes you attack slightly faster.

Take 1 bad food, then 1 good food to cancel out the bad food's negative effects. Your Poison Resistance should always be 1 stack higher than Nauseous.

Myrthe Grimclaw and Kale Ironstrike
Myrthe Stats: Level 39 / Dark 1 / 171,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, sleep. Resistant to charm. Extrasensory.
Weaknesses: Light (+25%), Fire (+25%)
Kale Stats: Level 40 / Neutral 2 / 185,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, sleep. Resistant to charm.
Weaknesses: Ghost (+50%), Light (+25%), Dark (+25%), Poison (+25%)

Tank goes after Kale on the right, everyone else goes after Myrthe on the left. Defeat Myrthe and lower Kale's health to above 50% at the same time, then defeat Kale. The tank should smite Trounce once Kale's health is below 50%.

Myrthe summons Dread Spines and charges up for an explosion several times during the battle. On Easy mode, always beat up the one spine. On Hard, only beat up two spines (left and center OR left and right). Run to the opposite side of the spine (around the gate on the right side) before the explosion occurs.

Elder Patrizya
Stats: Level 41+ / Neutral 2 / 402,000 HP / Resistant to stun, freeze, sleep, and charm.
Weaknesses: Ghost (+50%), Light (+25%), Dark (+25%), Poison (+25%)

Has 4 phases. Dealing with the exiles, main battle, snowslides & magnetic storm at 50%, followed by lance & 3x stomps at 25% HP. A rune exists on the platform to revive players if they fell off the map (priests can use Divine Clarity with the rune for instant revive).

Phase 1: Defeat all exiles after crossing the branch, then defeat the Spellflinger controlling Patrizya. This will begin the boss fight.

Phase 2: Tank Patrizya to the center while tank is to the center-right, everyone else stays center-left. Smite Frost Breath (or use Endurance if Smite fails). Go behind Patrizya when she Charges.

Phase 3: At 50% HP, adds snowslides and boulder attacks. Destroy all three boulders before Patrizya can use Magnetic Storm. Stay center-left or center-right of the platform to avoid snowslides.

Phase 4: At 20~25% HP, adds lance and stomp attacks. If lance appears on left or center, everyone but the tank stacks on where the lance is going to drop. If lance appears on the right, tank moves toward the lance. After the lance attack, Patrizya does three Stomps to try and knock everyone off. Everyone including tank (center-right) must run towards the center of the platform.

Argan Jungle Dungeons

Twigmoss Burrow

3-5 players, no level requirement. You're controlling one of three spiders to defeat the boss.

Stats: N/A
Weaknesses: N/A

Red spiders are tanks, blues are damage dealers, greens are healers. Red/green spiders can also be damage dealers, but their DPS is a bit lower. Recommended one of each in a party.

Blue/Green spiders stay on the bottom platform while far away from the boss. Red spiders have to get close. Avoid standing in the green puddles on the ground.

When Ragefang gets enraged/mad, the red spider uses Slam to stun him and runs away while a blue spider uses Web to stop the boss from moving. Do not get close to the boss while it's enraged.

When the boss summons minions, the blue spiders have to take care of them, but prioritize the boss. Keep at least 1 snake alive for the healer to leech off of.

Cultist Prison

1-5 players, recommended level 28-30.

Sporebark Watcher
Stats: Level 33+ / Earth 5 / 65,000 HP / Immune to stun, freeze, silence, sleep and charm.
Weaknesses: Fire (+125%), Poison (+125%), Water (+62.5%), Light (+62.5%)

There's two types of mushrooms that spawn on the field. Standing near Purple (sickly) mushrooms hurt you, while standing near Green (healthy) mushrooms heal you.

Keep staying near the green mushrooms while getting rid of any purples, then focus back on dealing damage to the boss. The green mushrooms have fairly low health and can be destroyed in a matter of seconds, so keep switching after the one you're standing on gets destroyed to maintain the healing on you. Repeat until the boss is defeated.

The Moonlight Monastery


Goldsnare the Binder

Terechia (optional)




Sanitizer Bot

Deactivated Security Unit

Blackwood Dungeons

The Silt Cave


The Blackwood Depths



Venyxia (optional)



Treasure Caves