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The world map shows the various areas surrounding your location. To access it, click on the "Game" menu in the bar at the top in-game, and then on "Map". There are currently four to five major regions for you to explore.

You have to physically explore an area for the first time in order for the map to be drawn by itself. Visiting certain dungeons (and/or clearing it completely) can also expand this map. Reaching a region for the first time will unlock it's world map.

Map Markers

The map lacks search features, several markers and waypoints to help chart out the whereabouts of specific locations. Players who are offline status, or located in an unknown location/uncharted map will not show up on the world map. Currently, the only things marked on the world map are:

  • Your current location with a silver star
  • Any friends added to your friends list will be marked with a square, assigned with a random color. Hover over the tiny square to find the name of that player.
  • Any group member that is part of your group will be marked with a triangle, assigned with a random color. Hover over the tiny triangle to find the name of that player.
  • Any guild mate that is part of your guild will be marked with a triangle, assigned with a green color. Hover over the tiny triangle to find the name of that player.
  • World events are marked as a upside down triangle, assigned with a red color. Hover over the tiny upside down triangle to find the name of the world event, as well as the remaining time on it before it disappears.

Link To World Map Spreadsheet

You can find a more complete version of the world map of Paw'D (designed in Google Sheets) via the link below. The world maps spreadsheet from the link is being used as a base to design the more permanent wiki-formatted world maps below (wip!).

Please note that this may lead to story/quest spoilers, and the attached link may become inaccessible in the later future due to unforeseen circumstances. If that is the case, please contact the player "localguest".

Wiki-Formatted World Maps


The Hollow Tree
North Saliko Forest (4) The Cliffs of the High Plains → To Kingdom of Elyssia
The Spider Pit II Schwartzwald Castle A Small Cave in the High Plains The High Plains of Saliko
Farmhouse Closet North Saliko Forest (3) The Plains of Saliko II Radium's Den
The Spider Pit The Fields of Schwartzwald The Plains of Saliko
Farmhouse F2 → To Jack's Farmhouse North Saliko Forest (2) East of Saliko Church Everchange Caverns B1
Saliko Deep Forest A Plateau in Saliko Forest
Farmhouse Entrance
Farmhouse Living Room Farmhouse Dining Room The Fliffy Pen North Saliko Forest (1) Saliko Forest IV Everchange Caverns B2

[s 1]
Saliko Forest - A Junction

Jack's Farmhouse Jack's Farm (1) Jack's Farm (2) Bluebell Meadow Saliko Forest III East Saliko Forest (2) Everchange Caverns B3
Sylvana's Farmhouse
Far West of Saliko Creek
West of Saliko Creek
Saliko Creek (1)
Saliko Fields II
Saliko Fields I
Saliko Village
East Saliko Forest (1)
Saliko Forest
Saliko Forest II
Far East of Saliko Village
East Forest
The East Caves
An Abandoned Mine
Deep Caves Everchange Hideout
A Cave in Saliko Forest A Secluded Place
Firebloom Forest
The Abandoned Burrow West Saliko Forest (3) West Saliko Forest (2)
West Saliko Forest (1)
Saliko Creek (2)
  1. To teleport into The Cursed Farm's maps, trigger Curly's dialogue in Farmhouse Dining Room and defeat Shade of Aeris (in both Closet and F2). Then, go outside using the portal to the right in Farmhouse Dining Room. After herding the fliffies in (repeatedly click on them to nudge them towards the pen hole), go inside The Fliffy Pen.

Kingdom of Elyssia