Analyse (Spell)

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Analyse the target to learn various tactical information about it. Hold down your 'Shift' key when using this skill, or cast on yourself to see all monsters you have analysed so far.

Required Class All
Skill Branch General
Available at Level 1
Prerequisites Quest: Magic and Science
Range Any, 4 meters

Skill Usage

Analyse is a spell that lets you learn more of any monster that you use it in. It is taught at the end of a short quest chain, which starts at Luka, in Saliko Village. It is one of the basic spells that are available to every class in the game.

After casting Analyse on a monster, you will see a summary of the monster's stats at the time the analyse completed:

The effect of using Analyse on a Fliffy.

This includes the following information:

  • Name: The name of the monster you analysed.
  • Classification: The class the monster belongs to (such as Brute, Plant, Undead, Insect, Mechanical, ...).
  • Defense: The physical defense (P.) and the magic defense (M.). A percentage indicates a common resistance against that particular damage class; for example, M.10% means that the monster resists 10% of the damage from every magic attack. In addition, its armor (indicated with "+" and the amount of armor the monster has) may further reduce physical damage.
  • Base Exp: How much Experience a monster gives when killed.
  • Level: The level of the monster.
  • Element: The element of the monster, and its element level.
  • Health: The current health of the monster.

In addition, the summary also lists a monster's abilities and spells; and any resistances and immunities if may have. Finally, the bottom row shows your Hit rate, Crit rate and Dodge rate against that monster.

Monster Compendium

You can use analyse on yourself to open your monster compendium, which lists of all the monsters you have analysed so far. This also allows you to review the analysis results of any monster, as well as sharing them with your group.

A screenshot of the monster compendium.

Monsters in the compendium that you have not personally seen and analysed yet, are shown with a unique number. Only monsters that have been analysed by at least one player in Paw'D are shown in the compendium at all. Because of that, monsters that have not been released or included in maps, switches and triggers (which are also considered monsters and sometimes cannot be analysed) are not included in the compendium. As a result of this, the numbers in the compendium may have gaps.


  • You cannot analyse other players.
  • Once you have analysed a monster, hovering over it again with your mouse will display its element directly in the name tag.

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